CI Dashboard: IntelliJ Plugin

From your browser or JetBrains IDE:
IntelliJ, WebStorm, PhpStorm, PyCharm, GoLand, CLion, Android Studio...

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  • 🔎 Search for your personal depots and public ones.
  • 🖥 Keep track of pipelines and show jobs details.
  • 🛠 Trigger, abort and retry pipeline or job.
  • 📋 Display build log.
  • 💾 Download artifacts.
  • 📝 Manage project and group variable in one place for each depot.
  • 🔎 Browse Gitlab CI document directly within IDE.
  • 📦 Search for Docker images and tags for your CI setup.
  • ✅ Check CI Yaml conf: right-click on .gitlab-ci.yml, then click on Validate CI to check if configuration is valid.
List all your builds in just one place
list build and deployments
list and edit variables
List and edit variables and secure files instantly
Browse documentation while editing your configuration
read ci documentation
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